In Spring of 2019 I graduated from San José State University with a major in Aviation and focus on Professional Flight along with a minor in Business. The aviation program at SJSU is well structured with classes covering every aspect that might be helpful for a future career as a pilot. Some of my more notable classes at SJSU included:

  • Aerodynamics – The study of the aerodynamic forces involved on an airplane in flight: fundamental flowing gas, incompressible and compressible flow, Bernoulli’s Principles, circulation forces, boundary layer, airfoils, measurement methods, laminar and turbulent flow, force and vortex interactions.
  • Human Factors in the Aviation Environment – The study of the effects of time zone changes, sleep disruption, drugs on pilot performance. The role of FAA inspectors, physicians, cabin attendants, unions. Cockpit crew coordination; pilot psychology; aviation safety and accident investigation. Experimental avionics.
  • Aviation Law – The study of law and legal issues in aviation from both a national and international perspective. Rights and responsibilities of individuals, organizations, and the aviation community. Regulations and liability pertaining to the design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of aircraft.
  • Aircraft Turbine Engines – The study of gas turbine fundamentals, including various gas turbine cycles, components and component efficiency, thrust specific fuel consumption, duct flow and inlet diffuser, centrifugal and axial compressors, combustion chambers and jet nozzles for aircraft propulsion. Aviation regulations related to engines. Maintenance cycles for engines and components.
  • Aircraft Theory and Design – Aerodynamics and aeroelastics force. Load analysis of flight vehicles. Aircraft design optimization, material selection along with, safe-life, fail-safe and damage tolerance in design.
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Classes also covered topics such as ATC, safety in the aviation industry, aircraft systems and avionics, and meteorology. Additionally, I have had the privilege of having hands on experience learning how to dismantle and replace aircraft tires, build ADS-B in receivers from Raspberry Pi computers, construct working piston engines, and building VHF radio receivers.

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