Flight Experience

I am a certified airline transport pilot and flight instructor with 1,800+ hours and counting and have experience piloting various aircraft including the Embraer ERJ-175, Cessna 172/152/150, Piper twin comanche, cherokee, and cub, as well as citabrias. I have flown using standard 6-pack gauge, KLN 94 GPS, GTN 650, and G1000 equipped aircraft and am familiar with each.

San Francisco International airport, my home airport, is located among some of the busiest airspace in the U.S. and as a result, continuously demands a high level of performance from the cockpit. Because of the densely populated area, I have been accustomed to busy radio communications, multi-layered airspace, heavy traffic situations, and high-workload environments.

My longest and most educating GA cross country to date was my flight from Terre Haute, Indiana to San Jose, California. I stopped at a total of 16 airports on the way including two Class C airports, landed with a density altitude of 8,000 ft, and navigated around 1,800 nautical miles of airspace. Now as an airline pilot, I have over 160 hours of turbine SIC and have gained experience in several areas unique to the part 121 industry such as working in a multi-crew environment, planning flights around severe weather, and ensuring the efficiency of tasks.

Work Experience

My first aviation related job involved being a ramp agent at San José International Airport where I marshaled, towed, brake-rode, and serviced various aircraft including A320s, B737s, CRJs, and E175s. In another job, I had the opportunity to work as a flight coordinator for a charter company where I prepared weather briefings and performed route planning for the pilot in command of a Piper Matrix. On occasion, I was able to shadow their mechanic performing required maintenance inspections on the aircraft. Upon becoming a certified flight instructor, I then spent the next two years teaching students how to fly out of a small airport near my hometown in San Jose. Since then, I have continued to advance my career, ultimately leading me to today; working for a part 121 regional airline carrier transporting passengers across the U.S.