Flight Experience

I am a certified flight instructor with 1,500+ hours and counting and have experience piloting various Cessna 172/152/150 aircraft, twin comanches, citabrias, piper cherokees, and cubs. I have flown using standard 6-pack gauge, KLN 94 GPS, GTN 650, and G1000 equipped aircraft and am familiar with each.

Reid-Hillview airport, my home airport, is located among some of the busiest airspace in the U.S. and as a result, provides a great training environment. Because of the densely populated area, I have been accustomed to busy radio communications, multi-layered airspace, heavy traffic situations, and high-workload environments.

My longest and most educating cross country to date was my flight from Terre Haute, Indiana to San Jose, California. I stopped at a total of 16 airports on the way including two Class C airports, landed with a density altitude of 8,000 ft, and navigated around 1,800 nautical miles of airspace.

Work Experience

My first aviation related job involved being a ramp agent at San José International Airport where I marshaled, towed, brake-rode, and serviced various aircraft including A320s, B737s, CRJs, and E175s. In another job, I had the opportunity to work as a customer service agent for a charter company where I prepared weather briefings and performed route planning for the pilot in command of a Piper Matrix. On occasion, I was able to shadow their mechanic performing required maintenance inspections on the aircraft. Since then, I have been working as a certified flight instructor at my local airport!