Flight Instruction

I am a certified flight instructor that teaches out of Reid-Hillview airport in San Jose, CA. I teach all types of students from those who have never flown before to those who already hold a pilot’s certificate and are seeking higher certification. If you or someone you know is interested in flying, send me a message!

Want to get started? Call me at (408) 759-0716 or email me at cfidanielsims@gmail.com.

Instructing Location

AeroDynamic Aviation

Probably the friendliest flight school around, AeroDynamic Aviation is a great flying club that is bound to exceed your expectations. With a wide selection of aircraft featuring competitive prices to choose from, you are sure to love flight training here!

www.aerodynamicaviation.com2650 Robert Fowler Way, San Jose, CA 95148

Decided on flight training at this airport? Leave me a message!


Certificates You Can Earn With Me

Sport Pilot Certificate

The most restrictive of all certificates, the sport pilot certificate, allows pilots to only fly light sport aircraft, only carry two passengers, and severely restricts the type of airspace that the pilot can fly into.

Recreational Pilot Certificate

One step up from being a sport pilot , a recreational pilot can do everything that a sport pilot can do PLUS fly slightly bigger aircraft, and fly at night under certain circumstances.

Private Pilot Certificate

The private pilot certificate is the first certificate that most people begin training for, and is a fundamental first step in your aviation career. Whether your end goal is to be an airline pilot or to just fly for fun, the private pilot certificate allows you to do the most with your training. They can do everything that a recreational pilot can do PLUS fly any aircraft that doesn’t require a type rating (which is still a lot of aircraft!), fly more complex aircraft, carry even more passengers, fly “unrestricted” through airspace, fly at night, fly outside the U.S. and lastly, fly in lower than normal weather conditions.

Out of all the beginner tier pilot certificates, the fact that this certificate has the least restrictions associated with it and is a requirement for higher level certificates, contributes to its high level of popularity.

Commercial Certificate

Building on top of a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot training is very similar to private pilot training but will allow you to get paid to fly (with a few exceptions)! Most commercial pilots exercising their pilot privileges will find jobs flying for pipe surveying, skydiving, touring, or banner towing companies.

Whatever the path you decide to follow, allow me to help you reach your goals. Call me at (408) 759-0716 or email me at cfidanielsims@gmail.com to get started!